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November 20, 2013
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Workshop demo - using reference effectively by Miles-Johnston Workshop demo - using reference effectively by Miles-Johnston
Thanks for the kind words on the Neuromancer drawing. I run a weekly digital sketching workshop at atelier stockholm, and tonight I wanted to give a little demo on using references effectively. I was trying to demonstrate what you should look for in a reference and the importance of not directly copying but instead 'reffering to' the picture. If you train yourself to be really mindful of what you are seeing all the time, you can try painting things from imagination based on something you saw that very day. Anyway thought the result was entertaining, 2 hour's total.
Nothing particularly mean spirited meant to be implied by the demo either, just a way of radically altering the subject
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Ebvardh 1 day ago  Student General Artist
When I used to draw I did this instinctively. For some reason I never figured out that was what "referencing" was about because I always saw referencing refering (yeah) to general copying.
Though I guess it only makes sense to call this reference.

I should draw again.
TrueQue Mar 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Very funny
I've met some brilliant people in my years, and have been gobsmacked by how they got "from h'yar to thar" (particularly when I hadn't even realized where "thar" was).   I've been amazed by legal arguments, scratch cooking, policy formulation, and carpentry.   I'll never be an artist (nor a chef or master carpenter), but I now have a much better appreciation of how a true artist uses a reference, how he gets from h'yar to thar.  (She has the same expression, eyes, nose, mouth.  Especially the eyes.  She could be his sister, or his mother back in the day.)   Thank you.
monsterlienchen Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is still a gorgeous example!
This is really great. I love how clearly you used some elements to make your image better, without coping it faithfully.
Xeny-art Feb 2, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
haha, this is so cool!
kongosan Jan 6, 2014  Professional Artist
This is really something I wish to be able to do. The subtlety with which you've borrowed from the photo is wonderful. I don't really feel confident enough to draw like this. I have the basic/intermediate drawing skills, but even so, they sometimes come and go... Thanks for posting this. It's an amazing example.
yf19-sama Dec 27, 2013   General Artist
Its like doing the reverse process of a caricature, good process.

Separating the shaft from the grain works not only in arts.

Thanks for the description.
loved the speech
That's really cool.  I hope you share more.
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