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Reinier Gamboa is a genius and we will be chatting in a few mins!

Tomorrow night at 9pm GMT+1 , will be fun, use the link above to listen live or on demand
Set up a tumblr, feel free to follow there also if you're into that kinda thing! Looks nice seeing my work laid out in a grid
Frank Yang prints are available, INPRNT gives great prices and good rates with the artists.…
Thanks so much for all the kind words recently, if you wanna follow me for more regular updates, work in progress shots and all that kind of stuff, I'll be posting mostly on my new facebook page. Like if you're interested :)

Thanks so much for looking and helping to make this a success. If you were on the fence at all, last chance to bid on the two framed sketches I have up for sale!

Much love, have a great week!……
First off, thanks so much for the DD on Substitution.

That painting came from a very personal place, something I am not used to putting into my artwork. It really really means so much to me that the idea seems to resonate with other people, and it has made me very grateful to see others having an emotional response to my work. As such, it isn't something you can really force, and I am keeping my mind open to new similar ideas to paint in the future.

The second thing I wanted to say, is that for all the people asking questions about my process, I sell a super super cheap $5 for another painting of mine, which utilizes a lot of similar techniques. Here is the link,… , it is a 2 hour long video of the creation of my painting 'Pets', it features a full voiceover and comes with the Psd file, to explore how I manage layers and all that stuff. If this doesn't interest you, ignore me, I'm not here to sell you shit you don't need or want haha.

Thanks for the interest! Much love and all the best, I look forward to sharing new work with you soon. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook, twitter and… for much more regular updates. If you find me on facebook, please subscribe to my public updates rather than friending me, nothing personal it just works better that way :)

A reminder to anyone who doesn't know, but it has now been approximately 5.5 years since I started my sketchbook on, which I am going to continue to update for the near future. It might be of interest to some of you guys, the thread goes all the way back to when I was 13 and had no real ability at all with drawing.…

More finished works coming soon! Take care guys
Hey everyone! After too many hours of watching things compile, render, upload blah blah here it is. Anyone who downloaded the faulty version accidently put online last night will be able to download the new one free of charge. Thanks for bearing with me this one 100% checks out

All in all its just over 2 hours long, hopefully I don't come across as too much of an ass and you can learn something from this. The majority of the video is the raw footage sped up by 900% with a voiceover narration, though occasionally it slows to real time or cuts to separate footage to help me explain what I am doing better. The video is 720p quality and the download comes with a PSD complete with my original layers for you to mess around with.

Cost is $5 and you can pay with paypal and any other major card for an instant download here! Please give me honest feedback of what you thought and what you'd like to see in the future.…
There was an error rendering the first version of the video and its going to take at least a couple hours to fix, I will make sure it is online as soon as possible, and if you have already purchased you should be able to request a new version as soon as it is online, until then please refrain from doing so until I say so
Hey everyone!

So in between the commissioned work I have going on at the moment I'm using most of my free time to record and edit together a detailed video on the process behind a new painting. I'm excited to share the picture with you upon completion and to release the tutorial. Between editing down the raw footage and recording a separate voice over its taking a shit-load of time to ensure I can put together something of what you will hopefully agree is a high standard!

I will be selling the video via paypal in 720p format with the PSD and all my brushes and tool-presets included, but rest assured I won't be charging something ass-backwards. I have in mind a price of $5, which I hope you agree is fair, especially considering the workload involved with something like this. If its a success it's something I'd be interested in doing more of in the future.

The video itself will cover a lot of bases, from how to work up an image from a pencil thumbnail, complex layer management and effects, as well as broader topics like light, colour and portrait painting.

Expect more info within the coming weeks, and please let me know if this is something that interests you!

Thanks for reading
I've heard good things about this place, and bought products from them before. <3…
Hey! So I had a lot of requests to buy prints of this image. Now I don't really understand how any of this works, but for now I've uploaded the full res as available for prints via Deviantart. At the size I put online you should be able to buy it in sizes small to fucking huge.…

If anyone knows a better method of selling prints let me know, if this is something you might be interested in, then I love you.

Take care!
My good friend will be streaming some artwork, come hang out/ ask questions.

Live streaming a still life from start to (hopefully) finish, in 30 minutes (18:30 GMT+1)
Been too long! Streaming work on a personal painting at 19:30 GMT+1